MMA Enterprise Group

All your benefits solutions in one place.
Overseen by leaders who specialize in the emerging middle market.

For starters, you need more than a benefits strategy. You need a turnkey, technology-driven solution that facilitates benefits administration—from onboarding and enrollment to compliance. We’ll listen to you to learn everything about your needs and your culture before we begin to design a benefits solution that addresses your unique situation—and enables you to elevate and keep your employees.

You’re moving at a fast pace and need a partner that will do the same. At MMA, we have dedicated experts who specialize in growing businesses like yours. In fact, we’re entrepreneurs ourselves—so we understand, first hand, how growing enterprises differ from larger companies.

Many employers don’t know what they don’t know. We’ll make sure you’re always up to speed.

The latest trend data. Up-to-the-minute compliance rules. Timely benchmarking information. As a growing business, you don’t have the resources to keep up with the changing benefits landscape. That’s where we’re uniquely positioned to help. We translate complex subjects into straightforward terms, arming you with insights that are actionable. And since we operate as an agency within an agency, we’re able to provide our clients with access to the national and global capabilities of the Marsh & McLennan network, the largest insurance brokerage in the world.

We have a solution for you now. And a solution for you later.

We’re always looking forward. Keeping an eye on what’s around the corner. Which means that, as you grow, we won’t just keep pace—we’ll help lead the way. And when the time comes, you’ll work with a team of market experts who specialize in your niche and understand your evolving needs as a larger entity.

We’re based in Michigan. And we understand the nuances of the local landscape.

We live and work in Michigan. So we understand the unique needs of this employment environment better than anyone else. We know all the carriers— and they know us. Which means you’ll have deep insight into the market where you want to hire—and retain—employees.

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