Culture & Wellbeing

Setting the tone

The strongest benefit and wellbeing strategy is intrinsically connected to the mission and vision of each organization.

Many organizations offer numerous resources and programs to support employee health and wellbeing, yet these resources are often underutilized. Offering resources and programs is a great start, but if the reasons are not tied to the mission and vision, then the you may not achieve the intended return in the form of a healthy and engaged workforce.

We collaborate with you to capitalize on the good work you are doing to care for your employees across the spectrum of wellbeing: physical, mental, social, community, financial and professional.  Once we understand your current philosophy and conduct a ‘current state’ analysis, we help you design a strategy that seamlessly aligns with your organization’s goals, helping you maintain or enhance a culture of health and wellbeing both within and outside the organization.

Understanding the “WHY”

Understanding your organization’s “WHY” for health and wellbeing and it’s alignment to your mission and values is just the first step.

We help you expand upon the pillars of your wellbeing strategy and articulate the value to your different constituencies.

What’s Next

Culture sets the tone, it establishes the foundation for an organization’s Health & Wellbeing strategy. That is why we expanded our practice to include Culture. It is a natural evolution of our approach to employee health and engagement. Our team is passionate about this initiative.

Organizations that align and integrate culture and brand have potential to improve competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

We collaborate with organizations to build a culture strategy that aligns with brand and corporate goals. We begin with four necessary steps to effectively integrate company branding and culture.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Building Health Culture:

  1. Discovery & Dialogue: We utilize a variety of tools including discovery sessions, CultureTalkTM Survey, data review and environmental scans to understand and validate the current state of culture, desired future state, and begin to explore the gap between the two.
  2. Interpretation & Feedback: We then summarize the findings and the recommended leadership, communication and organizational design considerations necessary to establish and evolve to the desired culture state.
  3. Build Stratified Action Plan: We will outline short- and long-term actions that will enable the desired culture. We will also develop measures, metrics and milestones to support operationalization of culture strategy.
  4. Operationalization & Continuous Improvement: We will facilitate ongoing management and the evolution of your culture strategy.

Contact Us

If you are a current MMA client, reach out to your client service team to learn more.
If you are not currently working with us, contact Susan Morgan Bailey, our Culture & Wellbeing Practice Lead, and she’ll be happy to discuss your culture & wellbeing goals.